Edoardo Durdin is an artist that respects and preserves the craftsmanship of the old masters. With these qualities he approaches the world around him in search of untold myths, legends, beauties and the unique.

His work consists of surrealistic imagery, which is often confronting but always the absolute representative of the story told. One in which there is an honest beauty to be found and encourages us all to hope and believe in that what is true. But mostly, one that serves a greater unification through the subconscious that silently represents us all;;

"I merely discovered that there is another reality than the one in which we open our eyes every morning. Within that world I look through windows that show me tales in which courage, hope and the unraveling of what it means to be human are applauded. A delicate vulnerability which goes unnoticed amidst the daily endeavors which hardly ever allow us the peace to experience the love in which we find that what we truly are.

I choose to represent that peace, which my soul offers me every single day."